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Group Classes for Best Results- Get Motivated

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Group workout classes and training

Not everyone enjoys private training sessions; some of us are motivated by group challenge. If you are one of those, read on.

Group Fitness

Group workout classes can provide all you need from a workout. From a full body workout to focused sessions, you can get it all from a group class. Group classes can include cardio training, pilates, strength training etc. Participants can use weights, bikes, their body weight, bands and more to get strong and toned body. Group classes can focus on arms, upper or lower body helping you achieve strong core, shoulders, toned arms, glutes, hamstrings, biceps/triceps and more.

Group classes include all- from squats, lunges to hyperextensions. The benefit of group training is that you can choose the class you want depending on your need and schedule. You can alter your exercise at different levels which a certified trainer guides the group through. Yoga is a part of group classes, so after a full body work out, you can give your body stretches, breathing exercises and some asnas to calm your mind.

Group workout classes incorporate everything from fast paced cardio, strength training, to beginners and advanced workouts. A group training that helps you understand the basic of which exercise works for which body part, that does pre and post exercise stretches is best. It helps reduce injuries and motivates participants to continue exercising.

Nutrition required

Without a balanced nutrition, your exercise regime may be incomplete, and you may take longer to achieve your physique goals. Your goals for your body may be different, so nutrition charts are not one fit for all. The idea should be to understand your lifestyle, height, weight, health concerns, food preferences before making a diet plan. A trained dietician can help. Mostly, a diet plan will cost some extra money if you have a regular gym membership; however, it may be included with a personal training.

Private or Group Training, which is better?

Both training follow different goal sets. Some people prefer an individualized plan while some are happy with group fitness training. Personal training will cost more but may include diet plan. So, choose wisely.

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